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How to set up discount codes for an event

Discount codes are a great way to incentivize a purchase! Offer discounts to attendees registering early or specific customer groups. Then track the effectiveness of promotional efforts with event reports. Go to your event's Manage page, select "Discount & Access Codes" under Marketing, select "New Code," and choose "This event only" to get started.

TIP: Learn how to eblink{delete all the discount codes that haven't been used yet=>}.

NOTE: The steps below apply to creating discount codes that apply to one event within your Eventbrite account. eblink{Learn how to create discount codes for multiple events=>}.

1. Go to your Manage page.

Event creators can log into their Eventbrite account eblink{here=> target=_blank}. Then select your event.

2. Go to "Discount & Access Codes" (under Marketing).

If you have existing promotions, you’ll see them here. If you don’t, you’ll be taken to the “Discount & Access Code" page.

NOTE: If your eblink{event has multiple dates and times=>}, you can create discount codes while managing all events or an individual event in your series. To create a discount code for a specific event in your series, first choose a date from the "Individual Event Selector" at the top of the Manage page. Then click Discount & Access Codes to get started.

3. Click “New Code".

Select "New Code" to get started.

TIP: If you prefer to reveal a hidden ticket when the code is entered, eblink{learn how to set up access codes for hidden tickets=>}.

PRO TIP: If you offer discounts for groups of attendees (senior, military or veteran, child, etc.), eblink{create a public discount=>}.

4. Choose “This event only”.

If you want to apply the code to this event only, select “This event only”.

NOTE: Selecting “Use across multiple events” will make it so the resulting code applies to multiple events. eblink{Learn how to create discount codes for multiple events=>}.

5. Select “Coded Discounts”.

Discount codes apply a lower price to tickets that are visible to anyone. Click “Coded discounts”.

6. Choose the ticket(s) the code should discount.

If you want to apply the code to all tickets, select “All tickets in the current event”. This applies to current events and upcoming events you create in the account. If the code should apply across select tickets, choose “Select specific tickets from the current event.” Enter the ticket name in the search bar and press enter or click the filter icon next to the search bar to sort & filter through existing tickets. When you’re happy with your selection, select on “Continue”.

TIP: To search for existing tickets, you can sort your tickets by cost, name, or start date. You can also define a ticket sales period or price range, and search for visible or hidden tickets only.

NOTE: If you selected the “Use across multiple events” option, this step is a bit different. Instead, choose whether the discount applies to “ALL events ALL tickets,” “A new group of tickets,” or “Existing Ticket Groups”. eblink{Learn how to create discount codes for multiple events=>}.

7. Configure your discount code.

• Code Type: This is the discount code that you'll provide to your attendees to use when they order. Spaces, apostrophes and non-alphanumeric characters (except '-', '_', '@' and '.') are not allowed. • Discount Amount: Set this to a fixed amount or percentage to be taken off of the full price of your ticket (e.g. $100 or 100%, etc.) Enter numbers only in the field matching your desired discount to offer. • Uses: Allow the discount to be used in an unlimited fashion throughout the duration of your event or enter a set number of tickets that can have the promotion applied. • Starts/Ends: Set the date the discount should start being available for use and the date the discount should end and no longer be available for use. When you’re satisfied with your code, click “Continue” and then “Save & Finish”.

TIP: Promotional codes are not case sensitive. This means your attendees can enter the code without worrying about getting capitalization errors.

PRO TIP: You can eblink{bulk upload=>} up to 5,000 discount or access codes at a time — no more than 256 characters each, in a single .csv or .txt file. Your file should only contain the codes for use (listed in the first column) and all settings on the "Create Discount Code" screen will apply for each code. Select "CSV list of codes" to use this method. You can use online tools like eblink{>} or eblink{Codabi=>} to generate codes.

NOTE: Only one coded discount code can be applied per order completed to your event. However, attendees can take advantage of multiple eblink{public discounts=>} within the same order when registering for your event.

8. Optional: Give your discount code a ticket group name.

If you selected “A new group of tickets” when choosing the ticket(s) to discount, give the group of eblink{tickets=>} a ticket group name. Ticket groups allow you to more easily keep track of which discount codes apply to which ticket types. The group name will show as a “Ticket Code Group” in the ticket settings of any ticket type that’s included in the group. Don’t forget to click “Save & Finish” when you’re done.

9. Optional: Add or remove a ticket from a ticket code group.

When editing the ticket settings for an event, you can add a ticket to a ticket group by clicking “Add to group” or remove it from an existing group by clicking the ‘X’ next to an existing ticket group name. This allows you to modify what tickets a code applies to.

PRO TIP: Are you seeing a different experience? You may be using our eblink{redesigned event creation experience=>}. If this is the case, after completing the "Tickets” section, select Discounts & Access Codes (under Marketing) from the menu. Then change the ticket selection for your ticket group.

10. Manage codes and track your progress.

After you create and save a discount code, you can search event specific and multi-event codes on the main “Discount & Access Codes" screen. You can eblink{see the details for each code and configure them=>} by clicking on the caret symbol: • "Configure Code" allows you to reconfigure the settings for your specific code. • "Change ticket selection" lets you change what ticket types a code applies to. • "View shareable link" gives you a link with that specific code embedded in it. Provide this link to your attendees to automatically apply the discount to your chosen tickets when clicked. • "Delete" completely removes the code. If this option is grayed out, the code has been used and cannot be deleted.

TIP: You can also track code usage of and see which attendees have claimed a promotion during registration by eblink{exporting a promotion code usage report=>}.

NOTE: Any ticket type you remove from a given code will also be removed from the corresponding ticket group. For example, if you remove a ticket type from the “HALFOFFVOLUNTEERS” code, it'll also be removed from the corresponding "Volunteers” ticket group. This means that all other codes that apply to the “Volunteers” group will no longer apply to the ticket type you de-selected.

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