The High-Impact Leadership Program (FIU)

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Miami, FL

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The High-Impact Leadership Program #1 in Executive Leadership Development

About this Event

In today’s global marketplace, leadership is the undeniable secret weapon of competitive advantage. More than ever, economic challenges and market conditions demand organizational leadership that is dynamic, adaptive, and creative. The High-Impact Leadership Program is designed to help leaders develop a portfolio of strategic leadership capabilities in areas such as leading during crisis, managing change, building robust teams, and actioning a vision. The program provides models and action steps to prepare executive leaders to assume increased responsibilities and challenges, while maintaining organizational effectiveness and renewal.

Who should attend?

Designed specifically for high-impact individuals with 10+ years of experience in roles of increasing responsibility:

Vice Presidents


Area managers with significant responsibilities

Why attend?


Ranked #1 in the U.S. by in 2018, The Center’s leadership development programs continue to gain recognition around the world. The 2018 awards by and Leadership Excellence Magazine marked the 5th year in a row that The Center’s programs have been top-ranked, and the first time The Center’s program were recognized with a #1 award in both the open-enrollment and custom program categories.

Benefits for the organization

  • Build leadership capacity by equipping high performing executives equally capable of assuming added and/or greater responsibilities
  • Develop a team of skilled executives adept at identifying and avoiding organizational “derailers”
  • Identify organizational leaders capable of building leadership capacity and engaging those they lead
  • Strengthen talent development and effective succession planning processes to ensure sustainable leadership capacity for the organization
  • Benefits for the individual

  • Enhance the ability to engage others and lead with strategic purpose and vision
  • Increase strategic thinking capabilities and the ability to “make the right call”
  • Build a strong understanding and awareness of self, and understand how self-knowledge strengthens leadership capabilities
  • Identify and articulate personal and professional goals and prepare to assume greater/increased responsibilities
  • Discover skills for a cycle of developing and ensuring the continuity of organizational values

    Topics and Schedule

The Center’s Leadership Competency Builder© is at the core of The High-Impact Leadership Program curriculum design. This list of research-based leadership competencies provides a framework for leadership development and helps in determining what is most needed for successful leadership across all levels and organizations.

The Leadership Competency Builder© was conducted by a team of researchers at the FIU Center for Leadership based on an extensive literature review of multi-disciplinary, top-tier academic research on leadership from 2010 to 2015. This list of 45 leadership competencies is thematically categorized into 5 “meta-competencies” which inform the design and development of all Center programs.

Leading Self

Strategic Focus

Connecting with Others

Leading Others

Delivering Results

Topics covered include:

  • Leadership in Balance: how to confidently lead upward, downward, and across boundaries
  • Getting it right: making great decisions more often
  • Introspection: leveraging the totality of who you are
  • Leadership Derailers: Potholes to optimal leadership growth and effectiveness
  • Strategic thinking for organizational sustainability
  • Building effectiveness: teams and systems that make you more effective as a leader
  • Managing through conflict: managing toxic environments
  • Round Table Discussions with key business leaders
  • Individual Executive Coaching Sessions

Day 1

Morning Sessions

Check-In and Registration at 10:00am

Program Orientation

Afternoon Sessions

The Role of Values in Leadership

Personality and Decision-Making

Hidden Traps of Decision-Making

Welcome Reception

Day 2

Morning Sessions

Leadership Derailers

Leading Teams

Afternoon Sessions

Leadership Presence

Introduction to Leadership Action Plans

Day 3

Morning Sessions

Leadership in Action: Experiential Learning

Practical Innovation

Afternoon Sessions


Concurrent Sessions: Executive Coaching, Vision, and Developing Your Leadership Action Plan

Day 4

Morning Sessions

Invictus: Lessons in Leadership

Participant Presentations of Leadership Action Plans

Program Closing


Nathan J. Hiller, Ph.D.

Program Chair

Mayra Beers, Ph.D.

Gino Coca-Mir

Leslie DeChurch, Ph.D.

Hock-Peng Sin, Ph.D.


"I can just go on and on (about The High-Impact Leadership Program), but it was just really eye-opening in terms of taking a look at who I am, who I really am, looking at the mistakes that I made over the last year as a leader and the kind of things, even little things, I can do to make a difference in how I lead the individuals that are depending on me. It's been very valuable for me."

Bernadette Montgomery, Executive Director, Miami Dade County Public Schools

"The quality of the program exceeded my expectations. I would definitely call this a world class program and I would say that it rivals some of the ivy-league programs that are out there. I am going to talk to my team a lot about how we can build this program into our high potential leadership retention and development. For me this is? I hope to make this a big part of what we do in terms of developing future leaders at Burger King."

Jenn Crenshaw, Vice President, Human Resources, Burger King Corporation

"I was very impressed with the quality of instruction- I felt that all of the presentations were tight, the instructors were prepared and what really impressed me was the research that backs up some of the things that we talk about- personality, career derailers- things like that. The research is solid and I hadn't been exposed to that type of "metric" if you will, in any of the previous thirty years of leadership development that I've done."

Colonel Scott Malcom, Director of Public Affairs, United States Southern Command

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Miami, FL

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