Open Innovation Masterclass #4- Ecosystems- The art of partnering

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Open Innovation Masterclass #4- Ecosystems- The art of partnering

Orchestrating ecosystems and the art of partnering!

By CPH Fintech

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Thursday, October 12 · 2 - 4pm CEST


Copenhagen FinTech Lab 7 Applebys Plads 1411 København Denmark

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  • 2 hours

For Copenhagen Fintech partners only!

Topic: Orchestrating ecosystems and the art of partnering


This is the fourth session in 2023 in a series of masterclasses focusing on different parts of corporate innovation. In the masterclasses, we will be focusing on getting knowledge and insights from both thought leaders, industry professionals and corporate innovation ninjas.

In Copenhagen Fintech we absolutely love the book "The Corporate Startup: "How established companies can develop successful innovation Ecosystems" by Dan Toma, Esther Gons and Tendayi Viki. The masterclasses will be built on the framework presented in the book and we invite experts from the industry and research institutions to give their perspectives and share how they apply their own frameworks and thinking.

This session

Companies have partnered for years, but digital partnerships in ecosystems differ from traditional partnerships.

The traditional partnering model concentrates on a few deep, tightly integrated, exclusive partnerships, supported by personal relationships that build trust over time. Traditional partnerships will continue to exist and be important for both traditional and born-digital companies — but they don’t scale due to the high investment needed to make them successful.

Companies digitally partner in ecosystems, working together via digital connections, to provide customers more value. Ecosystems grow faster when companies that join have strong capabilities to play in a digital ecosystem—which we call Partnering Readiness; and when partners make effective agreements about how the partnerships will provide customers value, what data they will share, and how to divide up benefits and responsibilities—which we call Partnering Strength.

We found that companies with both higher Partnering Readiness and Partnering Strength have greater firm performance and ecosystems with higher market share.

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