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Learn how to succeed with digital inclusion and accessibility online

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ASE-Bygningen, København

4 Frederikskaj


2450 København


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CPH: Learn how you and your company can succeed in creating an online presence that is legally compliant and accessible to everyone.

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With the introduction of Europe-wide legislation, digital accessibility. Diversity, digital inclusion and online accessibility are among the hottest trends in 2020. Large corporations such as Microsoft, Accenture and Uber are currently focusing on the value of tapping into this unused market potential. And you should be doing that as well.

15% of the World's population (ONE billion people) experiences some form of disability such as blindness, vision impairment , color blindness, dyslexia, deafness, hearing impairments and more.

Not only does this group of people need online access to products and services that are inclusive and serves their digital needs. Their peers, such as friends, families and colleagues share a need for digital products that are inclusive and accessible to use as well. Regardless of impairments, people need to be included in the design of a more digitized world, locally as well as globally, it's that simple.

Accessibility and universal design is not only related to disabilities. Large groups within our society lack digital skills needed to navigate in an increased digital everyday life. Moreover, various groups of people do not speak multiple languages and is limited in their skills of mastering a specific language well. Not having this on your radar when designing your company's online presence, content and digital products and services means that you are consciously or unconsciously excluding people.

Let's be honest. A lack of accessibility leaves room for improvement. Not only is it smart business, it is also the right thing to do from a corporate responsible perspective.

Regardless of whether you are a public sector body, a private company or a development agency you need to ask yourself;

• How far is your organisation from taking advantage of the potential market share?

• Are your organisation's products, services and communication flows designed in such a way that they are accessible and usable to all?

• Do you consider digital inclusion as a means of growing your customer reach when designing or developing online solutions?

• Are your current processes based on inclusive design principles?

• And are you on top of the increased legislation that is currently taking effect across Europe?

Digital inclusion and accessibility require a dedicated focus for the modern business to succeed in adopting an inclusive mindset and applying inclusive design principles throughout the entire business across various sectors, departments, and functions.

This workshop is your chance to get two steps ahead of your competitor. You’ll be able to learn how you can create better usability and accessibility for all users of your digital products and service, such as your website, online platforms, and mobile apps. Without compromising your visual identity or brand.

This workshop leaves you with:

• Insights into all the benefits and opportunities that comes with adopting and implementing a digital inclusion and accessibility mindset in your business.

• A deeper understanding of how people with different needs, such as people with disabilities, access the web and other ICT solutions.

• Improved knowledge of how inclusive design principles can be applied to your own design and development processes in your business.

• An overview of the most important principles for accessibility within design, coding and project management of websites and mobile apps.

• Multiple comprehensive and easy-to-apply tips ande tricks that you can use to improve the accessibility of your own digital solutions without having to pay for expensive consulting services.

• A enhanced understanding of what is required from different roles in a team to focus and succeed in applying inclusive design principles – from copy writer to interaction designer, content consultant, graphics designer, videographer, marketing manager, conversion specialist and more.

• Concrete knowledge of what it takes for your website, your products and services to comply with the latest legislation on the area.

The Workshop is for:

Product owners, project managers, web editors/ editors in chief, designers, developers, content marketers, content consultants, copywriters, inbound marketers, conversion specialists, and similar job types responsible for or working with digital solutions

The workshop will be taught by:

STEIN ERIK SKOTKJERRA – Specialist in digital inclusion and web accessibility.

Stein Erik holds 20 year's of experience in universal design, digital accessibility and assistive technology. He helps companies implement sustainable strategies and tactics to improve and succeed with a universal design approach to their digital presence.

His career accommodates everything from development of assistive technology for blind and vision impaired to consulting and helping top-management at large companies implement universal design.

Prior to co-founding A.Miroe, Stein Erik held the position as Head of Accessibility Relations at SiteImprove. He spearheaded SiteImprove's work with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals as well as the further development of the EN301 549 Standard. This particular standard is the ground pillar of the EU directive on universal design and accessibility applicable to all public websites and apps.

Moreover, Stein Erik has also been involved in the task force that has developed the WCAG 2.1 standard.

Price: 3995,- DKK excl. VAT

Seats: 20

NB: The registration is binding and no refunds on tickets will be provided upon cancellation.

If you wish to pay by invoice or need to use a EAN-number when paying, please get in contact with Stine Holmgaard. Email: stine@amiroe.com

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Date and Time


ASE-Bygningen, København

4 Frederikskaj


2450 København


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